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Sterling Title Company

Sterling Title Company step-by-step Escrow process assures fraud protection for both Buyers and Sellers all over the globe. Every step in your transaction is verified with proven tracking and verification procedures.

Not only that, we are a licensed and government regulated escrow service. This means we are regularly audited by multiple government bodies. So, you can be sure our protection process prevents Buyer and Seller fraud with each and every transaction.

Important monetary transactions sometimes require an escrow company to serve as a neutral third party. Sterling Title Company can provide escrow services to ensure that no funds exchange hands until all of the depositor’s instructions to a particular transaction have been followed. As an independent third party to a transaction, Sterling Title Company is insured to handle such funds and will prepare escrow receipt agreement and collect, hold and disburse funds according to depositor’s instructions.

Unlike most transaction service companies, we do not charge for work that is ordered for a transaction but is canceled or does not close.

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